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Cool Animated Graphic Admission open for BTech (CSE,ME,ECE,CIVIL) and MTech (ECE) 2022-23. Special scholarship scheme for SC students, Girls students and Meritorious students.

Facilities -> Workshop
Facilities -> Workshop

Workshop Department of the college plays a key role in imparting basic training in central workshop and engineering practical training to the student. The college is having spacious central workshops. A basic training in central workshops satisfies the degree requirement for engineering during their first or second semester. The college workshop also undertakes repair and maintenance work of all the department a central facility for the fabrication of projects and other research and development activities being carried out the ciollege.


Machine Shop:
It is equipped with lathes, shapers, milling machines, planners, slotter, captan lathe, production lathe, cylindrical grinder, surface grinding machine and honing machine. After working in the machine shop students will be able to produce any kind complex machined product

Foundry Shop
Students learn the processes of hot metal casting and how they interface with other production methods. It includes industrial tec hniques and foundry methods.

Fitting Shop
Students Acquire skills in using tools and basic fitting equipment, identification of materials, description and demonstration of vario benches, holding devices and files, precautions while filling marking of jobs

Electrical shop
Study demonstration and identification of common electrical materials such as wires, cables, switches, fuses, ceilling roses, bat allied items, tools, accessories, electrical safety measures and demonstration about use of protective devices. Laying out of company house and study of common electrical appliances in being practicedby the students.

Carpentry Shops
Students acquire skills in using both power and hand tools and general information regarding building materials and construction students undertake the practice of making, sawing, extensive planning and chiseling opration

Smithy Shop
Technical Know how is imparted on bowers, pressure blowers, upsetting opration, description and specification on anvils, swage by power hammers etc.

Welding shop
Students learn the process of electric arc welding, gas welding by preparing different types of joints by the both processes. With this they are able to differentiate both the processes.